Breastfeeding is accepted as the gold standard for baby feeding. However, the unconscious usage of drugs by nursing mothers and/or the lack of information about the side effects of drugs generate health problems in babies.
    Further more, many additives that are taken with food in our daily life, pesticides, flavors, tobacco products, drugs or their degradation products threaten the baby's health through excretion into the breast milk. Drugs or chemicals that are excreted into breast milk may cause autism, hyperactivity and cancer in infant without even aware of the mother.
    Breast milk is not only a food source; it also protects the infants from variety of diseases and continues to provide a healthy life.
    Therefore, the quality of the breast milk is very important. When a mother has to use a drug because of her chronic disease (diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease etc), infant foods are given to the baby instead of breast milk as the excreted drug has some adverse effects on baby.
   Breast milk concentration of the drugs that are used by the breast feeding mothers is close to the concentration of maternal plasma concentration.
     Beta-blockers, salicylates, lithium and antineoplastic agent using mothers are not allowed breast feeding, if their infant is younger than 6 months. For example, in the case of antidepressant using mother, excreted antidepressant in breast milk may cause lots of problems in the fast-growing brain of the infant including transmission of signals.
    The adverse effects of nicotine that passes to the infant from the breast milk of smoking mother has also been demonstrated in many studies.
   Breastmilk will definitely have to be purified within the next 20 years, Puremilk is the best choice for preventing the passing of toxic compounds to our babies. There is no other product like Puremilk in the global market.


Development of biocompatible products and technologies that prevents the passing of toxic compounds to babies via breastfeeding.

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